Watch: 260RIPS lamb protection mission!

Mark Ripley crouched on a hillside, with rifle in foreground, looking through binoculars

Mark Ripley (260RIPS) is out to protect the lambs from fox attacks after calls from two farmers - Credit: Archant

In this video, foxing legend Mark Ripley (260RIPS) is out on a lamb protection mission after calls from two concerned farmers

In episode 11 of our series, Foxing with Mark Ripley (260 RIPS) on Shooting & Country TV, Mark is out for a clear-up after calls from two concerned farmers about the safety of their lambs. 

Fox attacks on lambs are very common, and Mark protects the lambs on several different farms from the jaws of the local fox population. It's not an easy job - Mark is working with a vast swathe of land that requires constant scanning and often a long shot on one farm, and a smaller area with houses and roads to consider before making a safe shot on the second farm.

It's of the utmost importance that Mark takes a few foxes out before they get to the vulnerable lambs, which make very easy pickings for these highly effective predators... it goes very well! Enjoy!