Venison with butternut, parmesan and truffle recipe - serves 4

Noel Murphy Photography courtesy of

Noel Murphy Photography courtesy of - Credit: Archant

Venison recipe with butternut, parmesan and truffle by Michelin-starred chef Richard Davies... make the most of your hard-gotten gains with this beautiful venison recipe

Serves 4

? 4 x 6oz venison loin portions

? grated truffle (or truffle oil)

? 2 x butternut squash

? 150g curly kale

? 50g parmesan

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? 100g butter

? 60ml double cream

? 1 x shallot

? 2 x large Maris Piper potato

? 150ml red wine jus

For the venison

Trim off any excess fat and sinew and wrap each portion in clingfilm with pomace oil, a pinch of rosemary and two crushed juniper berries. Poach at 57 degrees for 45 mins, drain and dry, season and finish in a pan with foaming butter.

For the butternut Puree

Peel and dice the butternut, sweat down in foaming butter with sprig of thyme and seasoning. When soft add 25g grated fresh parmesan, melt, then add the cream and reduce by half. Liquidise until smooth, using a little more cream if necessary, pass through a fine sieve.

For the diced, roasted butternut

Peel the squash, and cut into 1½ cm dice, wrap in clingfilm with seasoned butter, thyme and rosemary. Poach at 87 degrees for approx. 30 mins. Drain, dry, season and sauté until golden.

For the kale

Remove the stalk, and wash thoroughly. Blanch in seasoned water until cooked, refresh in iced water and heat in a little butter, salt and pepper.

For the shallot rings

Slice the shallots into rings, flour and fry at 150 degrees until golden.

For the truffle Mash

Peel and dice the potato, bring to the boil in cold, seasoned water. As soon as it boils, turn down to a simmer and cook until soft. Drain, return to the pan and mash until smooth. Add 25-40g butter, a splash of milk if necessary, and the grated truffle (or a dash of truffle oil) and adjust seasoning.