The best colour filter for foxing

rsh mar spurts

rsh mar spurts - Credit: Archant

What is the best colour filter to use when lamping foxes?

Q: Any advice on what colour filter is most successful for foxing? Or do I even need one?

ANDY CROW replies: I do generally use an amber or red filter and both have proved successful for both rabbiting and foxing. I have never conducted a scientific comparison, but I’d wager that you could just as easily make a fox lamp-shy with a red filter if you miss it a couple of times. It’ll soon learn to associate that red colour with danger! But the red light does seem to help preserve your own night vision better than a white light.

Today, we have even more choice and convenience with lamps. I know some people recommend green for certain colour backgrounds, such as stubbles, but my old eyes can’t tell much difference! For me, beam spread is a more important factor. I like a wide beam for scanning and a tight beam to help me get on the shot. This allows you to keep the light just off the fox, which often helps keep them standing, when a beam shining directly in their eyes would send them packing.