Picking the right head gear for deer stalking

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Ask the Experts - Credit: Archant

Any tips on what head gear I need for deer stalking?

Q: Any tips on what head gear I need for deer stalking? Other than the obvious… And do I need a veil?

DOM HOLTAM replies: Well, the truth is, any headwear that keeps the sun out of your eyes – or the rain – and isn’t too gaudy, will probably do the job. Baseball cap, tweed cap, bush hat… and yes, even the old-fashioned deerstalker.

I’ve seen them all used by people who get a lot of deer on the deck. Some use it as a way to make a style statement, others seem to have trawled through the local charity shop. But for me, if it helps keep the weather off my glasses and has enough of a peak to slowly lower my head and hide my face if in close proximity to a deer then it’ll do.

As for a veil, I tend to use them on the open hill if cover is scant and the deer are easily spooked. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, in the woods if I’m calling roe or munties and the action is likely to be close. As with the peaked hat, the point is to hide that big, white and very obvious face from the deer.