Rimfire fit for larger men

ssh july spurts extra

ssh july spurts extra - Credit: Archant

I am a larger than average male, and struggle to get rimfires to fit... what are my options? Our expert offers some guidance

Q: I know that stock fit is crucial as a shotgun shooter, but as a larger than average gent, I cannot get a rimfire rifle that fits me. What are my options?

Dom Holtam replies: It is true that as rifle shooters we often tend to fit around the dimensional limitations of off-the-shelf guns and that is a sub-optimal solution. Various pads and comb-raisers are available as temporary solutions. You could get a custom stock made for your rifle. Or you could look at a stock that is fully adjustable.

Ruger are about to launch their Ruger Precision Rimfire with an adjustable ‘chassis’ stock. And the new Tikka T1 MTR is going to be compatible with all T3 stock furniture and might better suit a bigger shooter?