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How do I go about acquiring permission to shoot over somebody’s land? Do I always need to pay for my shooting permissions? Expert advice to help you shoot more!

Q: Is there a set way to try and acquire permission to shoot over somebody’s land? Is there usually money involved? I have just started shooting and would like to try and get somewhere to shoot locally but don’t want to go about it the wrong way and offend the landowner.

DOM Holtam replies: This is a very common question and there is no set answer. It can be as simple as turning up to see the farmer or landowner (dressed in everyday clothing rather than full camo!) and asking. Sometimes they will be delighted to have somebody helping with pest control.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you are after a prize parcel of land with lots of trophy deer, the chances are, there is probably going to be a formal lease involved and serious money can often change hands.

In between the two, there are all sorts of mutually acceptable compromises such as stalking rights in return for fox control, or a regular supply of venison.

I would always make sure that I had insurance in place, be polite and respectful – and if you are granted permission, follow their rules. Don’t go where you are not allowed to, or shoot what you’re not supposed to.

A responsible shooter on the land is a useful extra set of eyes and can help to report back information to the farmer.

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