Are binocular harnesses worth the cost?

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rsh mar spurts - Credit: Archant

Is it worth the extra cost of investing in a binocular harness, instead of a basic strap?

Q: I’ve been thinking about investing in a binocular harness, but I’m wondering whether they are really worth it over a normal strap...

DOM HOLTAM replies: I’ve used very good ones, and very bad ones. Anybody who has tried to crawl into a firing position through muddy, swampy ground, while trying to keep both rifle and binos safe from harm will appreciate the advantage of a harness keeping your pricey optic held snug to your chest rather than flopping along the muddy ground!

People who mainly shoot from a seat or standing with sticks probably don’t need to worry too much. If you use a pocket-sized binocular and many of the premium 32mm models are excellent – it might not be a worry, either.

But for those who use an 8x42 or bigger and find that they are regularly having to crouch and crawl during an approach, they are a real boon. I currently use one made by S4 Gear and although not perfect, it is pretty good, has put up with a few years of abuse and is still ticking.