Advice on shooting a fox on very flat land

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ask the experts - Credit: Archant

I’m trying to sort a fox but it is on a very flat piece of land and I can never catch him with a suitable backstop... Andy Crow replies

Q: I’ve got a bit of a problem sorting a fox on a very flat piece of ground. I can never seem to get him with any kind of a backstop and he is so easy to spook with a lamp or call. Any tips?

ANDY CROW replies: On flat land you need to create your own high ground. I have a couple of lightweight folding high seats that I can use to get at the deer if they cause problems with my arable crops, but this might be a way to get the elevation you need? A 4x4 can also be used as a temporary shooting platform. Or you might want to bait the fox into a location that gives you a safe shot. Old, wise foxes are never easy; patience, perseverance and good fieldcraft are usually the way to go.