How can I count nocturnal deer?

ssh april spurts

ssh april spurts - Credit: Archant

Establishing deer numbers and cull plans is hard enough, but when the deer are nocturnal it adds another level of difficulty. Dom Holtam offers expert advice on observing the night wanderers

Q: I have some new stalking ground but the deer are very nocturnal at present. What is the best way to work out what is there and what number needs culling?

Dom Holtam replies: There are many useful bits of new technology you can use to assist. Modern trail cameras are cheap and effective ways to monitor animals remotely and with minimal disturbance. Thermal imagers are also very good for observing what is going on after dark, without disturbing animals by swinging a lamp about the place. Decent quality ones cost from little over £1000 and could save you a lot of time and effort while assessing numbers.