11 of the best: .22 rimfire rifles reviewed in 2021 

Chris Parkin - rifle reviewer - shooting a 22 LR rifle off a log

Our pick of 11 great rimfire rifle reviews from 2021 should help you decide if you're in the market for a .22, but can't choose which one! - Credit: Chris Parkin

The .22 rimfire market is vast, so how do you choose the best rifle for your needs? Here, we’ve listed 11 great .22 rifle reviews, with notes on ideal usage, price and where to buy 

Rifle: Anschutz 1710 HB G Kelbly .22 LR precision 
Best for: Target shooters and long-range crows/rabbits 
Price: £2,670 
Importers: RUAG Ammotec UK 
Review: click here   

Rifle: Steyr Mannlicher Zephyr .22 LR 
Best for: Close range vermin and rabbit hunting 
Price: £1,013.99 
Importers: Sportsman Gun Centre 
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Rifle: Bergara BXR Carbon  .22 LR semi auto rifle 
Best for: High volume vermin control and active hunting 
Price: From £760 
RUAG Ammotec UK 
Review: click here   

Rifle: Ruger 10/22 Target Lite in .22 semi-auto 
Best for: Adverse weather, rabbits and cycling multiple ammo brands 
Price: £830 
Importers: Viking Arms Ltd 
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Rifle: CZ 457 Thumbhole Laminate in .22LR 
Best for: Close-range vermin and rabbits 
Price: £704.99 
Importers: Sportsman Gun Centre 
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Rifle: Hatsan Escort Rimfire (Synthetic) 
Best for: Hunting rabbits, training and plinking 
Price: £345 
Importers: Edgar Brothers 
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Rifle: Lithgow Arms LA101 Crossover 
Best for: Vermin and rabbits at mid-ranges 
Price: From £929 
Importers: Highland Outdoors 
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Rifle: CZ 457 Long Range Precision rifle 
Best for: Long-range targets and pest control 
Price: £976.00 
Importers: Sportsman Gun Centre 
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Rifle: CZ 457 Synthetic .22 rimfire 
Best for: Vermin and rabbits out to longer ranges 
Price: £430.99 
Importers: Sportsman Gun centre 
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Rifle: Ruger American Rimfire Long-Range Target .22 LR 
Best for: Mid-range hunting 
Price: £780 
Importers: Viking Arms 
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Rifle: Blaser R8 Ultimate .22 LR Rimfire Conversion Kit 
Best for: Blaser R8 owners who want the option of a .22 rimfire! 
Price: £1,078 
Importers: Blaser Group 
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