Swarovski Optik Z8i scope: made for hunting

A hunter holding up a rifle to the camera with the Swarovski Optik Z8i scope mounted on it

The slim 30mm (1.2") central tube blends seamlessly with any hunting rifle - Credit: Swarovski Optik

With auto on/off functionality to save battery, large operating featuresĀ for quick handling, and outstanding image definition for fast identification, the Swarovski Z8i is a perfect riflescope for hunting

A hunter dialling a turret on the Swarovski Z8i riflescope

Large operating features make the Swarovski Z8i quick and reliable to handle in the field - Credit: Swarovski Optik

The Z8i rifle scope completely redefines performance with its 8x zoom and outstanding optics. Its optimum detail recognition is impressive, based on high magnification, uncompromising image definition across the whole field of view, and exceptional viewing comfort facilitating rapid target acquisition.

The slim 30mm (1.2") central tube blends seamlessly with any hunting rifle, and the perfectly ergonomic illumination unit and large operating features make it quick and reliable to handle under pressure when in the field.

SWAROLIGHT, the automatic switch-on/off timer with a tilt sensor, recognizes whether the rifle scope is in a shooting position or not. This saves the battery and extends its service life, meaning you can rely on the Z8i to perform when you need it to.