Important safety warning for anyone selling guns privately

If you sell guns privately, please read and follow the advice issued by the metropolitan police afte

If you sell guns privately, please read and follow the advice issued by the metropolitan police after a shocking incident in which a man was bound and held at knife point by thieves responding to his online advert Credit: Jack F/Getty - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A incident in which a man was held at knife point in his own home after advertising a lawful gun for sale online has prompted advice from the Met Police

A shocking press release has been published on the BASC website, telling the story of a man who was bound at knife point in his home after two men supposedly interested in buying a gun from him turned out to be armed thieves.

The Metropolitan Police have issued the below notice following the recent criminal incident involving a firearms certificate holder:

“On Saturday 5 September 2020, a licenced FAC holder advertised a gun for sale on Gun Star, one of the well-known sites for sales of lawfully owned guns. The advert was answered by two males and the holder arranged for a meeting at his home address. He cordially invited said males into the address where he showed the gun and his certificate. Sadly what happened next would have been a shock to any person.

“The males who purported to be lawful buyers were in fact criminals who proceeded to hold the certificate holder at knife point, tied him and his wife up, and then instructed him to load the gun for them. They then left the household, leaving the holder bound.

“The Met Police wish to remind members that there are criminals who are also reviewing these sites. It is easy to assume all potential buyers have the same enthusiasm for the sport as they do. This is not always the case.”

The Met Police have given the following advice:

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* Try and ensure certificates are checked prior to any meeting. It may be a picture of their certificate can be sent electronically. This image of the holder can be cross referenced with any attendee, before any entry is allowed into the home.

* Try and complete a sale away from your home. At home, a criminal has access to the entire contents of your safe; a better location may be at your local shooting club as more people will be present, this may be the deterrent needed to prevent the criminal brazen behaviour.

* Advertise locally within your club environment rather than online.

* Ideally use an RFD as a conduit for sale – This is by far the safest option, whilst I appreciate this can cost, the risk to holder is entirely negated.