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PUBLISHED: 15:23 10 June 2016 | UPDATED: 15:23 10 June 2016

rsh apr optics

rsh apr optics


A review of the DTC 1100 trail camera with 4G from Minox

rsh apr opticsrsh apr optics

So, you are sitting up the high seat, wondering if you are in the right spot… Well, with the Minox, you can know for sure. How? Because if you fit it with a prepaid SIM card, it’ll take photos and send them directly via SMS to your phone!

Great if that huge buck shows up at the other end of your permission but also if you have unwanted visitors on your permission or are using your camera in a security capacity.

Of course you can us the SD card included to record images and time-lapse footage and HD video via the 8MP camera and then review the results on the two-inch monitor or upload to your computer.

Other features include an impressive sub-one second trigger time; 18m infrared flash range; time-lapse mode; and adjustable sensitivity to ensure that you are targeting what you want and not taking pictures of grass or branches moving in the wind.

rsh apr opticsrsh apr optics

We will be field trialling the DTC 1100 and some other new wildlife cameras over the next few weeks and will report back with our findings.

RRP: £375


rsh apr opticsrsh apr optics

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