T-shirts by Harkila and Seeland

PUBLISHED: 16:05 14 June 2016




Description of the useful features offered by these two T-shirts, by country clothing brands Harkila and Seeland


These two T-shirts look great and reveal a slightly more fun side to two quite ‘serious’ brands. They’re ideal for wearing under your warm layers when setting out on a chilly morning, and even better worn loud and proud when the weather warms up a bit. The Harkila bear T-Shirt is 100% cotton, and the Seeland stag T-shirt is a cotton and polyester blend, meaning they’re comfortable on the skin and won’t make you sweat; this makes them perfect to work or hunt in, and they look so good you can keep them on when you head to the pub afterwards. They strike a nice balance between being a bit cool, but not too ‘out there’. The stag T-shirt comes in green with a grey stag, or grey with a cream stag, and the bear T-shirt comes in bright orange, green or brown; so, if you are intending to wear them for hunting, there are some muted tones that won’t shout your arrival two miles before you get there.

RRP: Harkila Fjal T-shirt (M-3XL) £39.95; Seeland Fading Stag T-shirt (M-3XL) £16

www.harkila.com www.seeland.com

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