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PUBLISHED: 15:37 10 June 2016 | UPDATED: 15:37 10 June 2016

rsh april products

rsh april products


A review of the 10” Magnum Rifle Gong from Caldwell

rsh april productsrsh april products

Let’s be honest, shooting metal plates is a fun form of target practice. The sound of a direct hit ‘dong’-ing across the fields a second or more after you pull the trigger is seriously satisfying.

This Magnum Rifle Gong from Caldwell is a nice addition to any rifleman’s kit collection. At 38” wide and 33” tall and weighing 21lbs it is solid but still easy to transport.

Simply constructed from box steel sections and requiring no tools for assembly, it can be pegged down for added stability. The gong itself is 10” in diameter and made from 3/8” thick AR-550 steel that will take plenty of punishment.

Caldwell recommends a minimum range of 100 yards and maximum velocities of 3000fps to extend its longevity.

rsh april productsrsh april products

It isn’t proofed for the .50 BMG, you will be sad to hear, but for most centrefire and all rimfire work it should stand up to a serious number of hits. The chain and frame won’t, however, so do bear that in mind.

If you can’t site it permanently (or don’t want to leave it out) it is the work of a few seconds to unhook the chain and gong and remove the ‘crossbar’ to collapse it down to car-portable components.

A great way to ‘ring’ the changes in your practice sessions and so much more fun than just punching paper!

To find a local stockist visit:

rsh april productsrsh april products

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