Harkila Binocular Strap - in depth binocular harness review

PUBLISHED: 17:12 25 August 2016 | UPDATED: 17:12 25 August 2016




Adam Smith presents this detailed product review of the Harkila Binocular Strap


Even if you cull most of your deer from a high seat, there will be times when your binos swing out like a pendulum and get silently cursed as they thump back on your chest. If, on the other hand, you spend most of your stalking bent double, creeping slowly through hazel scrub with rifle at the ready, there will be even more times when that pendulum drives you potty.

Take a tip from Harkila; invest in their clever, if rather plainly named Binocular Strap – two words which certainly sum up what this bit of kit is, but there’s much more to it than just a strap.

The Harkila Binocular Strap (HBS) is actually a harness system which holds your binos close, but not clamped, to your chest and keeps them safe and swing-proof as you move. Instantly and silently accessible thanks to their multi-position magnetic closure case, Harkila offer three attachment options: silent cord rings, durable plastic spring grips or trad metal split rings – all equally effective, you simply need to choose, or try them all to see which you prefer. The HBS comes in two distinct styles, brushed tricot in the latest Break-Up Mossy Oak pattern, or as seen here, waterproof olive PU material.

The main mesh Y-strap combines with elasticated side straps (all fully adjustable) to provide a personal fit, holding your binos safe, swing-free and instantly on-hand to bring the target into focus. The Harkila system comes in three size options: small or regular, at £59.99, designed to take small to average-sized binoculars (the pictures show the Binocular Strap used with Swarovski SLC 8x42); while the large, at £64.99, can cope with 8x56 ‘beer-bottle’ models.


Bouncing binos can be an annoying distraction and the last thing you need when concentrating on a testing shot. So try the Harkila Binocular Strap and take the swing out of your step.


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