Gun cleaning tool box and stand test & review


products - Credit: Archant

Phill Price puts this gun cleaning box from UK Shoot Warehouse to the test - it doubles up and can be used as both a gun stand and a toolbox!


products - Credit: Archant

Cleaning, adjusting and generally caring for our guns is something we should all do more of, but it can be a hassle so anything that makes it easier is always welcomed. When I saw this toolbox/gun stand combination from UK Shoot Warehouse, I knew it would be right up my street.

As a keen stalker and foxer I carry a lot of kit around, so I knew having something that would help me get organised would be a good idea.

I gathered up all my gun cleaning kit, plus some lens cleaning gear to keep scopes and binoculars in good condition, and piled them all in. To my surprise they fitted easily and can now all be found in one place.

As you can see, it looks like a typical modern toolbox with an inner tray, which it is, but the ace up its sleeve is that it has two vertical stands that cradle your precious rifle securely as you clean your barrel or polish your lenses. These have a soft rubber-like surface that grip the rifle for stability, while providing protection to the finish.

There is a system of locking clips that allow you to dismantle it as you need, such as separating the cradle while keeping all the ‘small parts’ trays closed so you cannot tip them over and lose them in the grass.

After just a few weeks of use I’ve become attached to this versatile and rugged system. I’ve organised all my kit so it’s just where I need it and now I think I’d feel lost without it. It’s also pretty good value for money and is well worth a look.

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RRP: £50