Scope test: ZEISS Conquest V4 4-16x44 Riflescope

ZEISS Conquest V4 4-16x44 Riflescope

ZEISS Conquest V4 4-16x44 Riflescope - Credit: David Land

Have ZEISS finally succeeded in striking the perfect balance between performance and affordability? Chris Parkin finds out in this test & review of the Conquest V4 4-12x44 riflescope

ZEISS Conquest V4 4-16x44 Riflescope

Quarter M.O.A. dials lift to rest to zero indicators below their caps - Credit: David Land

When considering the big names in optics, few challenge Zeiss, but prices can get very high for top of the range models. The Conquest ranges have always been associated with entry-level to premium optics, but they still have to meet Zeiss brand standards. The 44mm objective lens is less commonly seen these days, but on a daylight rifle why carry the extra weight of a 50/56 around if you don’t need the large objective lens for poor light? If you still appreciate precise, relaxed aiming solutions, minimising personal strain, the V4 is an ideal specification.

Zeiss’s 4-16x44 Conquest is calibrated in minutes of angle, and its 30mm tube offers plenty of space for mounting rings to complement the 90mm of eye relief, which will suit the recoil on most small to mid-size rifles. I certainly had no problem on a .308 and this modest eye relief has exit pupil benefits with a more accessible eye-box. 

Elevation and windage caps are removable with underlying finger-adjustable dials offering 20 MOA per turn, segregated into 80 x 1/4" clicks at 100yd. These are all crisp and firm with no overrun for accurate dialling. The outer rim of the visual markers lifts to turn, so the scope can be reset to visually mark zero without tools.

The 44mm objective lens is recessed 13mm back from the 50mm overall external body for protection and, given the size, enables low mounting on rifles without adjustable cheekpieces. External anodising is a smoothly applied deep grey and doesn’t attract dust. All internal lenses are multicoated for a 90% light transmission value and the silently rotating zoom collar runs from 4-16x magnification anti-clockwise. 

Parallax is crisply adjustable via the knurled dial down to 10yd at full 16x magnification, complemented by a fast-focus eyepiece at the rear of the ocular body for sharp detail in the No. 60 second-focal-plane reticle. Dioptre adjustments can be made from +2 to -3 and there is an illuminated central dot with 10 intensity settings and an intermediate ‘off’ position controlled on the rim of the left side parallax turret. This remains crisp without excessive sparkle at high intensity.

Optical quality is a priority for Zeiss, and this modest magnification scope concentrates on this rather than excessive mechanical functionality. Resolution is superb from the well-ground lenses and bullet holes are visible with notably less strain on the eyes. The fine reticle offers a precise aim point and, given the illumination, parallax control and parallel-bodied ocular lenses with mid-level coating complexity (less restriction of IR transmission), it’s better with a night vision add-on, which is a wise move.

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Elasticated lens caps are supplied, and the eye relief/eye box is well-suited to the position shifts that are so often required when hunting. A high-quality optic is a pleasure to pair with a pure hunting rifle that will last a lifetime, and you just don’t get colour balance like this elsewhere for the money. Not to my eyes, anyway.

Zeiss Conquest scope

Plenty of space to go even lower with a 4mm objective - Credit: David Land

Magnification: 4 – 16 x
Effective lens diameter: 33.2 – 44 mm
Light transmission: 90%
Exit pupil diameter: 8.5 – 2.8 mm
Twilight factor: 11.5 – 26.5
Field of view at 100 m (yds): 9.5 – 2.4 m (28 – 7 ft)
Objective viewing angle: 5.4° – 1.4°
Diopter adjustment range: + 2.0 | − 3.0 dioptre
Eye relief: 90 mm (3.54 “)
Parallax setting: 9.1 m – ∞ (10 yds – ∞)
Adjustment range at 100m: 230 × 175 cm
Adjustment per click at 100m: 1/4 MOA (0.7 cm /100 m)
Centre tube diameter: 30 mm
Eyepiece tube diameter: 44 mm
Objective tube diameter: 50 mm
Price: £911.99

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