Micro H2 red-dot sight - Aimpoint

rsh jan prods

rsh jan prods - Credit: Archant

The more durable and completely waterproof improvement to the popular H1

Swedish optics brand Aimpoint has redesigned its popular Micro H1 red-dot sight using the suggestions of active hunters around the world, and has now launched the improved Micro H2 red-dot sight.

The new sight is tougher, more durable and completely waterproof, thanks to a redesign of the body, and features flip-up covers to protect the lenses and ensure a clear picture in challenging weather conditions. The clarity of the red dot has seen improvements with the use of cutting-edge coatings, and has increased light transmission.

Weighing in at just 93g minus mounts, and a single battery allowing for 50,000 hours of operation (more than five years’ continuous use!), this sight is the ideal tool for close-quarters stalking and driven shooting. There are precision adjustments for windage and elevation, 12 settings to adjust for variations in light conditions, and ‘helicoil’ threads to prevent the mount from being damaged.

Available in 2 MOA and 4 MOA with Weaver mounts as standard. Also available in a variety of configurations including with Blaser Original Saddle Mount, Leupold QR mount, Tikka T3 mount and Sako Optilock Mount.

RRP: £619.99