A detailed look at the Z8i riflescope - Swarovski

rsh may optics

rsh may optics - Credit: Archant

A detailed look at the technical features of Swarovski’s Z8i riflescope... designed to be Swarovski’s best ever riflescope

rsh may optics

rsh may optics - Credit: Archant

Swarovski showcased the Z8i at this year’s IWA show in Nuremberg. With a monster 8x zoom range that has been integrated into a standard diameter 30mm (1.2”) central tube, it can be adapted to any firearm and all common mounting solutions.

With a sophisticated optical system that offers rapid target acquisition, the Z8i features Flexchange – the first switchable reticle 4A-IF – which enables the Z8i to be adapted to a wide variety of hunting scenarios.

The ballistic turret flex (BTF) can be used as a top and side turret and can be combined with any reticle. The Z8i will be available from selected specialist retailers in four different models from June 2016, along with the personalised ballistic ring (PBR) for the BTF offered as an accessory. Swarovski tells us that the “Z8i riflescope completely redefines performance with its 8x zoom and outstanding optics. The 8x zoom combines a large field of view with a high level of detail accuracy. Combined with masterfully crafted optics, the new riflescope, offering optimum detail recognition, is impressive with its high magnification, uncompromising image definition across the whole field of view, and exceptional viewing comfort facilitating rapid target acquisition.”

Swarovski was also keen to ensure that the Z8i was both compact and elegant and retained a 30mm tube and featured a new, slimline illumination system. “Good design is not an end in itself, but it does offer genuine added value. The ergonomically enhanced illumination unit provides a better overview of what is going on, while large buttons that can be reached from the top offer rapid, reliable use.”

rsh may optics

rsh may optics - Credit: Archant

Designed as a riflescope range to suit every hunting scenario, the combination of the easily attachable ballistic turret flex, powerful 8x zoom, and the first switchable reticle makes the Z8i extremely versatile.

The new Flexchange 4A-IF reticle was specially developed for driven hunting and has an illuminated ring that can be switched on and off with the press of a button. You can then adapt the reticles exactly to the hunting situation ahead and achieve greater flexibility when facing any hunting challenge.

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The BTF can be configured separately using three different types of rings, and be attached with a single click. It can be used as a top or side turret, and can be combined with all the available reticles. This makes it possible to always stay on target at the desired distances. If it is used as a top turret, it can compensate for bullet drop, and when used as a side turret, for windage adjustment or estimating the lead distance. A lock mechanism also prevents it from being turned inadvertently.

The Z8i’s parallax turret allows you to set a parallax-free image, which can be quickly adjusted even when in a shooting position. The catch at the 100m (100yd) mark allows you to set the parallax turret easily and reliably even at twilight.

rsh may optics

rsh may optics - Credit: Archant

As an optional accessory for the BTF, the personalised ballistic ring (PBR) offers maximum scope for individual adjustment to all the relevant hunting distances. It is engraved based on the personal data input into the Swarovski Optik ballistic program, adapted to the ammunition selected.

Four Z8i models are offered for different hunting priorities:

The Z8i 1-8x24 (available with the optional 4A-IF Flexchange reticle) is suited to driven hunting. Maximising the field of view, it is ideal in rapidly changing situations when making the right decision matters.

The Z8i 1.7-13.3x42 P (available with the optional 4A-IF Flexchange reticle) is a versatile riflescope suited to driven hunting and stalking. Combining a remarkable field of view for driven hunting with a lightweight design makes it also ideal for mountain hunting.

As a multipurpose riflescope for stalking, hide hunting and driven hunting, the Z8i 2-16x50 P combines a large field of view for driven hunting and all the details required for long-range shooting.

Thanks to excellent optics, the high-luminosity Z8i 2.3-18x56 P riflescope produces razor-sharp images even in poor light conditions and at twilight. The high magnification and detail accuracy facilitate accurate shooting over long distances.

RRP: from £2,070