New own-branded bulk ammo from Edgar Brothers

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A cool new offering from Edgar Brothers - own branded bulk ammo! Available in .308 and .243 currently...

Quality bulk-buy ammunition isn’t an easy thing to find. ‘Unbranded’ usually means average at best, but Edgar Brothers are bucking the trend with an ‘own brand’ range that’s clearly a cut above the rest.

The ammo itself is clean and has all the hallmarks of quality brass in terms of fit and finish. Admittedly, the range is limited, but it’s definitely worth closer inspection if you shoot either .243 or .308. The ammo is sold in an Edgar Brothers branded bulk box, but the Hornady logos embedded in the plastic make it very obvious where this ‘unbranded’ ammo actually originates from.

The current offerings in the range are limited to .308 Win at 150gr or 180gr (£106.87 per 100) and .243 Win at 100gr (90.88 per 100).

The small print on the box confirms it’s Hornady with ‘American made’ emblazoned on it, in addition to that iconic logo branded into the plastic. If you do the maths, the 2960 fps .243 comes in at £18.18 for 20 rounds. That’s tough to beat even at bargain basement prices and Hornady certainly don’t fall into that category.

Both the .243 and .308 are obviously deer legal all the way up to reds. The .243 100gr may be a bit heavy for foxing or even for smaller deer species, but it will definitely get the job done. If you’re a contractor, deer manager or very regular shooter, Hornady ammo, branded or otherwise, is an absolute bargain at this price.

Highly recommended.

Available from your local RFD/gunshop

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