Ear defender test: ISOtunes Sport Caliber

ISOtunes Sport caliber ear defender review

An easy fit for any ear, bluetooth connectivity and augmented hearing while you're out hunting - Credit: Archant

Paul Austin tests the new ISOtunes Sport Caliber headset - high protection in-ear defenders that doubles as high quality wireless headphones!

ISOtunes Sport caliber ear defender review

A combined carrying case and charging station all in one - Credit: Archant

ISOtunes Sport have really made a big impression on the ear defender market over the past year or so, with their initial release of the Advance in-ear corded ear defenders with built-in Bluetooth, plus the option to enhance your hearing for hunting while still providing protection.

The follow up was the rather oddly titled Defy and Defy Slim over ear defenders. These offer a more traditional design but still provide Bluetooth connectivity to your phone for calls or tunes, all with the same enhanced hearing tech found on their predecessors.

Now ISOtunes Sport are back once more, but this time with what I think are the crowning glory of the collection – the all-new Caliber in-ear defenders. A 2ms response time, 8x optional hearing amplification for hunting and a 13-hour runtime make them a bit special, as does the Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity to your phone for tunes and calls.

As you’d expect, all the hearing protection you’ll need is on hand but it’s the quality of the audio that really surprised me. The Caliber’s predecessors were fine for phone calls but fairly lacking when it came to music. The Caliber model, however, is in a different league, offering sound quality on a par with dedicated wireless headphones.

This makes the asking price considerably easier to bear as you essentially get hearing protection, enhanced hearing and excellent audio, so they’re really nice to use for all manner of activities that may or may not need the hearing protection aspect of their design.

The Calibers really are a slick product, shipping with a nice case that doubles as a changer and holds almost two additional charges, so 25 hours of use on top of the 13 hours stored in the earbuds themselves. You just plug in via the USB-C port on the case and both the earbuds and the case itself charge up, with LEDs telling you exactly where you are.

Button-free touch control on the surface of the earbuds drives the units, allowing you to control the amplification level of ambient sound for hunting, accept and end calls, as well as skip tracks streamed from your phone. The Calibers are the best ear defence, hunting aid and streaming audio product I’ve tested so far. Not cheap at £169, but worth every penny!

Supplier: ISOTunes Sport
Price: £169.00

Tech specs

  • Tactical Sound Control™ Technology enhances your hearing by 8x while protecting you from high-impact noises in under 2 milliseconds.
  • 32 SNR tested and approved to ANSI s3. 19-1974.
  • IP67 Durability for dust, sweat, and waterproof protection.
  • Up to 13 hour battery life with 2 full additional charges stored in the rechargeable case.
  • Automatic Power Off after 2 hours without Bluetooth connection for battery conservation.
  • SafeMax™ Technology limits volume output to 85 dB for all-day, damage-free listening.
  • Background Noise-Reducing Microphone for clear communication in loud environments.

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Ships with three pairs of ISOtunes TRILOGY Short Eartips (S, M, L), three pairs of ISOtunes TRILOGY Tall Eartips (S,M,L), 1 pair of silicone eartips, a charging case, charging case lanyard, and USB-C charging cord.