Yukon Photon RT Night Vision Riflescope - Field Test by The Night Vision Show

PUBLISHED: 13:08 22 November 2017

The Night Vision Show

The Night Vision Show


Mark Ripley (YouTube - 260RIPS) on thermal. Our new foxing expert tests the Yukon Photon RT Night Vision riflescope on foxes and rabbits... fascinating video!

The Night Vision ShowThe Night Vision Show

In this month’s episode of the Night Vision Show, well-known long range shooter Mark Ripley (and Rifle Shooter’s fab new foxing expert!) takes the new Pulsar Trail XQ50 Thermal Scope and Helion XQ38F thermal spotter out to control an expanding fox population.

Welcome to The Night Vision Show

(Video contains vermin control imagery from a licensed pest controller)

The Pulsar thermal imagers and fox callers featured in this fox control video are available from www.scottcountry.co.uk

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