*VIDEO* Fieldsports Britain - Scotland to Switzerland, red hinds to Ibex

PUBLISHED: 11:37 02 December 2016 | UPDATED: 11:37 02 December 2016

Fieldsports Britain

Fieldsports Britain


A fabulous episode with stunning scenery from start to finsih featuring; a red hind cull on Ardnamurchan, foxing with Crowman, and a chat with a Swiss hunter/film maker...

This episode travels from the stunning Ardnamurchan in Scotland for a hind cull, to the equally glorious mountains of Switzerland for a chat with a Swiss hunter about the fascinating Ibex film he is making. Inbetween there’s an interesting foxing feature with Andy Crow who has trouble with trespassers on his farm, some very amusing but nonetheless useful etiquette advice for that game shoot, and of course the news stump. A brilliant episode to get lost in with fantastic scenery from start to finish...


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